About Us

"RNONAMISSION" begun as an Instagram name in 2013 when I decided to go on a weight loss journey for the second time in my life. I was a registered nurse that was on a mission to lose weight. From there my Instagram began to grow for just an average person who was working out. I then had a health situation take place in my life where I couldn't workout for a period of time. I had to have reconstruction of my left knee that put me out for 2 months. Resulting in me gaining the weight I previously lost back. 
During that time I was allowed to dig deeper within myself spending more time with God and realizing that my mission needed to switch focuses. I began blogging to just share my thoughts. I received a lot of response from my blogs, more than I expected. Then my blogging days came to a quick end. I allowed myself to get entangled with the activities of everyday life. I moved for the first time in my life on my own, I took a new job, and I experienced some hardships that placed me right back at the hands of God. It was during that time I realized that my simple Instagram name was more than just a name, but it had meaning behind it. RN (registered nurse) was my identification to my career, but the "onamission" part relates to so many dimensions beyond working out.  
As women we are always on a mission to maintain ourselves, our homes, families, careers, and etc. As nurses we are on a mission to strive in our careers, keeping up with the advancements of medicine, advocating for our patients, and prioritizing our day to receive the best possible outcomes. And in all of this we have to maintain our center. Whether a person believes in a higher power or not everyone struggles with something. Some are better at masking their struggles than others. At the beginning of the day/shift we are only as good of a nurse to our patients that we are to ourselves. Until, the end of time we are "onamission".